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This deviation was deleted

Wow this drawing is amazing! it looks exactly like cloud great work!

The vision was absolutely stunning i love the detail you put into the sweater and belts. it was also amazing the way you perfectly captured the texture of his shoulder pad. i was hard to believe this was a pencil drawing.

Obviously, Cloud is not your original character, and you did use a reference picture. so the originality was not that high.

You have excellent technique. the Hair looks very realistic and i can almost feel each strand from the way you shaded it. the shadows on the face and body are very natural and professionally done. the overall detail was very impressive, the emblem was perfectly drawn too. i really like the way you did his clothing to the point where i can tell that his sleeve and the shoulder pad are made of different materials.

His facial expression was a bit off, in the original Cloud had a neutral expression where is eyes looks a bit sad and regretful. whereas here, he looks kind of angry. Cloud's expression is really hard to capture because most of it comes from the eyes so you did a very good job of it. the overall impact was great, it did have a very Cloud-ish aura to it.

The Artist thought this was FAIR
4 out of 4 deviants thought this was fair.


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